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Our Corporate Training Sessions build confidence and give you fundamental knowledge to enable you to ‘hold your own’ in business and management. Our talented team of professionals including an experienced and highly regarded HR team, has developed programs to help you achieve success in your career and business. We currently offer over 100 training options, including local HR for Leaders topics.

Our Training Programs

Our half-day sessions are relaxed, practical and easy to follow. The learning is enhanced because you are learning in small groups. We use leading practitioners in all of these workshops.

Our training program was designed to answer your needs, locally and globally.

Flexible Delivery

Having designed and delivered highly effective learning programs for clients around the globe, we are fully capable of providing our clients with very convenient and flexible learning solutions that meet the fast-paced and multiple locations realities of today’s organizations.

Same Content, Multiple Languages

We’re very comfortable dealing with companies who have operations spanning many different countries and languages. At StarkHR we have the capability and resource to deliver training in many languages for your staff across a range of different subjects.

We offer training solutions for global programs, making sure to localize the training to the needs and objectives of different end markets.

About our Training Program