TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 85

all of them. It is just another con of being a twin , and I cannot help myself from doing it just because she is the closest person there is to me. With that being said, parents sometimes think that since twins can be so similar, they can share everything, which is another thing that makes being a twin so irritating.

One difficulty that twins know more than anyone else is the idea of sharing. Twins share everything. It is not fair, but it is something that they have had to do their entire lives. Since birth, twins share clothing, toys, attention, and anything else you can think of. A lot of twins share rooms, meaning that they never really have privacy. They share birthday parties, and sometimes even friends. We never have anything to ourselves. Even when twins get older, they continue to share. From experience, I know that I will have to share a car with my sister when it is time to get one. I strongly dislike just the idea of having to share everything with someone. All of these things make being a twin more stressful and annoying, but there are perks.

Yes, being a twin has its downs. You never know individuality, you compare yourself to the other, and you share everything. These all can be bad things. There are, however, plenty of perks that come with having someone just like you. If you have a twin, you have a built in buddy for life. Twins have been known to connect with each other within weeks of being in their mother’s womb, so they already have a special bond. Twins have someone they can tell secrets to, play with, and rely on for anything. They always will have someone who will listen. Also, if twins happen to be similar to each other and have the same interests, they always have something to talk about. The most amazing thing, for me, about being a twin is the way you just get the other person. Studies have shown that forty percent of twins develop some sort of language between the two of them. My sister and I have this special language where we do not even have to speak full words or sentences. We can just make a sound, gesture, or facial expression and we would immediately know what the other was trying to say. It is something that people who are not twins will never understand, but it is what I love most about being a twin. I would have to say that on most days, I tell people that I love being a twin. It is true because I know that there is one person in the world that I cannot live without, and that would be my lifetime best friend.