TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 80

Part of performing all of the time comes with the idea of having a favorite musical. David described his favorite musicals as a tie between “Godspell”, and “Beauty and the Beast.” To him, both musicals were amazing and had powerful messages. He played roles in both shows that he really enjoyed playing. He was casted as Lumiere in “Beauty and the Beast”, which has always been one of his dream roles. He feels that these shows bring the cast together as one big family. Aside from playing Lumiere, his other favorite role that he has played is Angel in “RENT”. He got casted as Angel in a Stage Right summer camp in the summer of 2014.

Throughout his years of acting in theatre so far, David Carver has accomplished many great things. To him, his greatest accomplishment in theatre so far was earning so many lead roles in the four years that he has been apart of Stage Right. It takes a lot of hard work, which requires devotion. Overall, David feels very accepted for who he is at Stage Right, although the older teens can be a bit bossy at times. Although some people can be bossy, David doesn’t care what others think about him.

David values many of the simple things in life. If his house was on fire and he could only take three things, he would take a food item, his dog, and his family. Those aren’t very materialistic things. Carver is a very outgoing, strong, as easy person, but like everyone, he also has fears. He is most afraid of things going wrong in his life. He fears losing his friends and family, or other people that are close to him. If David had the chance to change some things about his life, he says that he wouldn’t He loves his life and he believes that it is just fine the way that it is. Although he feels like this, he believes that every person has room for improvement. David Carver has many amazing moments throughout his life so far. The best thing that he has experienced so far is theatre. He can’t imagine himself not participating in it. In ten years, David sees himself graduating from college with a degrees in communications and musical theatre. He plans on having a successful future, set with many goals that are ahead of him. He hopes to be in the cast of a broadway show.

In life, there can be many ups and downs. The worst moment of his life so far is when his grandma passed away. This was a very hard time for the Carver family. David’s grandma was the heart of the family. Overall, David Carver can be described as thoughtful, funny, energetic, caring, and joyful. He believes that it is important to always follow his dreams, no matter what the dream is. As long as you are setting yourself up to be successful in life, always follow your dreams. David Carver is a very successful person so far. He has had many great accomplishments that have done him well. It is believed that he will be heading down a successful path. He has an outstanding family background, great study habits, and a successful career in theatre. David Carver has many exciting things ahead of him.