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Talented, cheerful, kind, energetic, David Carer is a very accomplished person that has a very interesting story. He is currently making big moves in his acting career at Stage Right, a school for the performing arts in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He hopes to be a professional actor, one day. He had many positive moments in his earlier childhood life, which lead him to be successful in the arts.

David Carver was born on August 16th, 1999, at Forbes hospital in Monroeville, PA. He grew up in Harrison City, living with his mom, dad, brother, and sister. Carver’s life as a child can be described as fun filling and positive. He grew up in a positive atmosphere, and had a very positive attitude as a young kid. He grew up surrounded by a positive and caring family. Carver’s biggest role model in his life is his mom, Kathi. Kathi is a very kind and compassionate person. She has done many wonderful things for him, and taught him so much about life. “David is a super awesome, talented, and amazing kid. He works so hard in school, and does amazing things outside of his studies.”says Kathi. His family has always been supportive of everything that he does. He currently attends Penn-Trafford High school, and is a freshman this year. He feels very accomplished to be on the honor roll this year. In his elementary and middle school years, he made many close friends. His favorite class has always been music class because it was fun and he looked forward to it everyday. He describes his favorite teacher in elementary school as his first grade teacher. Carver didn’t like many of the teachers in middle school because they seemed mean. Early on in middle school, David discovered the drama club, that taught him so many wonderful things. It inspired him to continue to participate in theatre. He took part in his sixth grade musical, which was his first time taking the stage. The musical was “The Little Mermaid.” For David, being in his first musical was a little nerve racking. It was also one of the best times of his life. For Carver, it was a life changing experience. He was glad to meet so many people that were just like him. They have the same passion as him, and he really liked that. The stage is like his second home. He knows that he wants to continue doing this forever.

Shortly after participating in his first musical, David discovered Stage Right, a school for the performing arts in Greensburg, PA. He started to attend weekly classes at Stage Right. He took acting, dancing, and voice classes. Stage Right offers monthly musicals, so eventually, he tried out one of their musicals. His first musical with Stage Right was Sweeney Todd. This was also nerve racking for David at first, but he ended up loving every second of it. Stage Right is a place full of many different types of people that all share the same passion. David’s friends at Stage Right are like family. He can always be himself around his friends there. He tells them everything and knows that they will always be here for him and listen. They are the group of people that he feels most comfortable with. He loves them so much. Stage Right can be very time demanding so he spends the most of his time with the people that go there.

The Life of David Carver by Tallin Cinti

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