TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 67

Childish Girl

By: Molly Meyers

There once was a princess with a devilish grin that came out only at day’s end. She pouted all week and stomped her feet, if only she had a manner to lend. She took a huge fit and didn’t know when to quit, so her prince couldn’t comprehend.

She planned to go out, but the man was left with no doubt that something had to be done. He stood in the door, told her no more, and stopped her from having fun. The princess didn’t back down, shooting him a huge frown that let him know she had more will than anyone.

She planted her feet to win and wouldn’t give in, thinking he would tell her she could go. She pushed out her lip and ignored the prince’s tip to stop the tantrum she was going to throw. It was only one night, he thought it wouldn’t lead to a fight, but he knew now he couldn’t stop her from putting on a show.

The prince was glad she was unaware of the relief they shared as her breakdown faded away. The princess accepted her fate and realized the night could still be great even if she had to stay. They could only wait to see how tomorrow would be and if the childish girl will be able to go out and play.