TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 64

It was a beautiful evening. Chilly weather with a slight breeze, no disruptive city lights or noises, and every single star was visible and shining so brilliantly in the clear, dark sky.

We're parked outside at the park, my love and I, sitting in the bed of his truck,

Talking, laughing, eating, and soaking in each other’s good vibes. A pause arises in our conversation, not from lack of topics to discuss, but from lack of words. Lack of words because my breath is literally taken away when I look up at the stars.

Watching the stars on a night as beautiful as this is my absolute favorite thing to do. He knows this, this is why he chose to go here instead of where we purchased our food.

He looks at me admiring the stars much like a husband would his wife walking down the aisle, when he breaks my attention and asks me, "Darling. What about the stars draws you in so deeply?" I look down and chuckle thinking about my reasoning and then look straight into his eyes and say, "They remind me of your eyes. So beautiful, shining so bright, always have a twinkle in them, and they're absolutely breathtaking. One look and I'm gone. The only difference," I say moving closer to him and looking deep into his eyes, "is unlike the stars, your eyes' beauty doesn't seize when the sun comes up, they don't disappear or stop shining. They only get more beautiful. More hypnotizing. More perfect. So lucky for me, I get your eyes during the day and the stars at night. And sometimes, if I'm lucky like I am tonight, I get both at the same time."

The look in his eyes, the blush on his cheeks, and the smile on his face made me light up. But I couldn't even compare to how lit up his eyes were. Oh how I could get lost in his eyes.

He pulls me over to him and kisses me as we drown in each other’s happiness until the night's spell is over.

The Night Sky

By Tallin Cinti