TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 62

Only in New York

By Tallin Cinti

My friends Bryce, Amanda, and I were driving to New York City. We were planning to have a fun weekend. We were going to see a broadway show and go shopping in the city. We booked a very fancy hotel in Time Square. My friend Amanda decided to drive halfway, and I would drive the other half. We were taking her car although there isn’t a lot of space in it. Everything was going great. We were having so much fun in the car. We were listening to all of our favorite songs, and singing along to show tunes. We were cruising on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and suddenly we heard a loud thud from beneath the car. We decided to get off at the next exit, and pull over to the side of the road. We got out of the car and looked under it. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it. Amanda popped the hood, and started to search for something that would be wrong with the car. She couldn’t find anything, so she called Bryce and I over to take a look. We looked very closely and couldn’t see anything wrong with the car either. We closed the hood, got back into the car, and tried to start it once again. For some reason the car wouldn’t start. We realized that we would have to call a towing company. Amanda made the call as Bryce and I waited there. When she was done on the phone, she told us that it would take the towing company over an hour to get to us. We were bored and had nothing to do. We suddenly had a musical theatre outburst moment. We all decided to jump on the hood of the car and start singing show tunes to entertain all of the other cars passing by. Many people kept honking at us as they would drive by. There was even one man who pulled over and gave us each a dollar and told us that we made his day. Eventually, the towing company got to us. Amanda’s car was being towed away and we didn’t have a ride to get to New York. I came up with the idea to call an Uber, because I had the money to pay for it. Finally after a long Uber ride, we got to New York and had a very successful weekend. We saw a musical on broadway, we went shopping, and went site seeing. On our last day in New York, Bryce got a phone call. It was a talent agent that works in New York. Someone recorded a video of the three of us singing on top of the car, and posted it on social media. He offered us all to come perform at a paid event in New York the following weekend. We were all so excited! Hopefully next time, the car won’t break down. At least it got all of us a job.