TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 61

Fight and Stand

By Haylee gilmore

I slumped against the willow tree, taking in the scene before me. Burning buildings, waterflow, cracked up streets, people running and screaming for their lives...well, at least they were.

I groaned, lightly slamming my head against the wood.

“Why did this have to happen!? This isn’t fair!” I yelled into the darkness. I couldn’t even see the stars anymore, the moon clouded with air pollution. My breath came in short pants as I let out a yell, my fist connecting with the bark. I winced at the pain, blood seeping across my knuckles and running down my fingers. I shoved my hand into my hoodie pocket, sighing.

“At least it’s over now. Try to relax.” a voice said, the owner of it plopping next to me.

I glance at the boy next to me, his white hair flowing against the breeze, still having the disgusting stench of smoke. His dark honey eyes burned into my bright ones, showing something I haven't seen in a long time: love. I place my head on his shoulder, our fingers intertwining together.

“Hellakye, it’s just not right. No one deserved this beating. No one deserved to die...” I grit my teeth, my bloodied left hand clenching into a fist again. Anger boiled in my blood, but I couldn’t unleash it, I can’t. I don’t want to scare away the only person in my life who is alive, if anyone else even is. He sensed my anger, so he twirled some of my hair in his finger,

calming my nerves slightly

“Quit blaming yourself for this, Helena. It’s not your


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