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Dear Perfect Guy I Have No Chance With,

I’m sorry. If I had any courage in me I might tell you myself what I’m writing down here, but I value our friendship more than my feelings. The only problem with being friends with you is that I’ve unintentionally fallen for you. I’ve fallen for your laugh, which is completely contagious. I’ve fallen for your smile, which is flawless and makes me feel happy for no reason at all. I’ve fallen for how you make my day better even if I wanted to cry a minute before. I’ve fallen for every minute I get to spend with you, even if those minutes leave me wanting more. I can’t even stand next to you without thinking about what it would feel like to run my hands through your beautiful brown hair, or how I would love to spend hours upon hours just cuddling with you. You are too perfect and I can’t stand it. I’ve fallen in love with you not just for the way you look, which is absolutely beautiful by the way, but for who you are.

When I get to know someone, I can usually point out their mental flaws fairly well, for example if they are a control freak or have a bad temper. With you I can’t find fault, not even with your physical body. You’re smart, hilarious, not too tall, and have the most beautiful brown eyes that if I stare at them too long I get lost. I know there are plenty of other guys out there, but you’re so perfect, I can’t see anyone else. You are the first and last thought in my mind each day. I’m a very indecisive person, ask anyone. I have always had a hard time making up my mind.

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A One Sided Love Letter

By: Anna Stowers