TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 53

Make Sure You Can Read, Kids

By Susie Surmacz

The driver pulled up to Tipp’s house. Danielle rushed out of the car and came over to my door. The driver also got out and together they pulled me from the vehicle. I could feel the crisp night around me. Snow was just starting to fall from the black sky. My body hurt all over, and I felt as if I was going to pass out. They lugged me across the perfectly green lawn that Tipp did not even work to preserve; it just miraculously remained green probably because Tipp lived there, and he was an angel. I never bothered to put my shoes back on, so Danielle dangled them by their laces between her fingertips. The stone walkway was chilling against my bare toes. We reached the porch and Danielle hit the door with everything she had, thinking that by hitting it harder, Tipp would come more quickly.

The door swung open. In his blue Christmas sweater and khakis, Tipp stared wide­eyed at us for a few moments.

“Oh my God! Honey!” he called back to his wife inside the house. The tone of his voice proved to me that he was shocked and panicked at the same time. He continued to call to hiswife as he hurried out to help Danielle and our driver take me inside, yelling, “It’s Dean and Danielle!”

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