TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 45

Isolation. A silent killer, like carbon monoxide. You can’t immediately identify the emptiness in your heart, but you know it’s there. Other humans are as much of a necessity as food or water is. Yes, you can live longer without it, and yes, we can be in denial of our dependency on it, but it still thrives. Isolation is the scariest because you’re spending time with yourself. Everyone has something about them that they don’t like. If you spend too much time with yourself, you become annoying and irritating. Your own thoughts echoing in your mind, the sound of the silence besides yourself is like an itch. Our brains can’t cooperate, and we go crazy. You know how sometimes you think someone’s calling your name, but in reality no one said it at all? Imagine that, but five times worse. You hear the voices of your loved ones, calling out to you, but they aren’t there. You call out but there is no one to hear you. Another couple weeks go by and it’s ten times worse. You can still hear them, but now you see them. Fake memories in your mind. Then, you can feel them. Reach out, touch their hand. Your mind needs to fix the situation it’s been placed in. So, you create your own reality. If that’s not scary, I’m not entirely sure what is.


By mahogany martin


Mahogany Martin