TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 43

Gone Beyond Repair by Alaina Goldberg

She gave everyone advice, but never listened to her own. Her long, dark hair fell in waves that framed her small, round face. Her eyes were a piercing green, so rich and deep that you could look into them for hours. She had porcelain skin, flawless with few marks or imperfections. Not too pale, but not too dark. A perfect shade. Her cheeks always had a rosy blush to them and her lips were full and plump. She was tall and had long legs. She was beautiful, but she never admitted to it. She always smelled like spring or like sweet lemonade. There was a pure, fresh feel to her. She walked into every class as a mystery and left as a book, half unread.

She had friends. A lot of friends. Not all were best friends, not all were even classified as good friends. She just had friends. She always had good grades, never excellent, but acceptable. She strived to be her own person, but often found herself following others. She wanted her own voice, her own choices and decisions. She had always been independent. She strived for perfection, but often found herself envying others. She always compared herself to everyone else. She talked a lot. She wrote a lot. She had a lot to say. It was both a blessing and a curse. She was always in a good mood. She hid under a facade of happiness. Under all that happiness was so, so so much hurt. She wanted to have a successful future. She had plans. He was a part of all of them. When he left her life, everything fell apart. This time it was beyond glueing broken pieces back together. She was tired of feeling used. No longer would she serve as a doormat for everyone. On the outside she was happy, perky girl but on the inside she was a shattered picture frame with memories she could no longer smile about.