TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 28

Summer starts, with big plans,

went on senior trip, in two vans.

Off to New York, the empire state,

went out to eat, and celebrate..

We moved on to our next destination,

stopping on the way at the gas station.

On our way to the beach,

with the bright sun, just out of our reach.

Went to a party, passed out on the couch,

woke up feeling like a grouch.

Sent a morning call to the mom,

hung up with her talking about Uncle Tom.

I couldn’t help but miss her after the call,

It was bound to happen, after all.

I start to feel homesick from being gone,

but I try my best, to carry on.

Left L.A., on to San Jose --

The trip is coming to an end,

I was glad that I, could attend.

We made our way back.

listening to an old soundtrack.

When my stop had come at my estate,

I was glad to be back, and elaborate.

My stories to my mother.

Landon Gore

Senior Trip