TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 26

Grease soaked nostalgia

No, it is disgusting!

the cheap tasteless diner,

grease-stained, grease reaked

a dismaying, ordinary

hole in the wall.

Waitresses with repulsive,

mashed potato and gravy stained aprons

suffocating the midsection,

various sluggish,

Lethargic cooks in the kitchen

working to just stay conscience.

Has this place ever been remodeled?

The booths from the 70s

bacteria thriving, the print

a style of clashing and color-

binding chairs and booths.

The plates and coffee mugs

cracks galore, slightly smelling

of a time bygone.

Newspapers from a few weeks

A flickering television has to be near.

They may be found

on the discolored counter

highlighting stains that lie atop

near the dusty deformed menus.

Change the menu options?

Change the laminate?

Please change, the ugly carpet!

Blanketed with a hamburger

and a side of onion rings.

You know what,

add a milkshake to the bill.

By Jake Santo