TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 25

Under Motivated \

Back again with new problems,

Each lining up in columns.

With the motivation lower than ever,

Everything that’s planned gonna take forever.

Can’t help but to think that it won’t be done,

It’s all in my mind, before it’s begun.

I can’t help to be stressin,

All I need now is a blessin,

But nothing makes what I do,

Some sort of breakthrough.

All I want is to is finish up what I started,

And not get off track and uncharted.

I just want to finish all the work that is given,

But under no supervision,

It’s hard to put my mind to work,

But I get off task like it’s clockwork.

At the time it's okay,

But I can’t make my work without a delay.

It’s how I work and I try my best to avoid it.

By Landon Gore