TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 24

All We Have to do is Listen.

He felt it inside of himself

the slow burning of hiding something

that wanted to be found.

He needed to tell them but how would they react,

due to their religion they would eat him like a hound.

He’s been hiding from himself most of all, unable to come to mends with who he is.

For what would would he tell his tell brother and sister and his girlfriend liz.

Wanting to change he went into an isolation,

Forcing himself into a terrible devastation.

For this is something he will never escape,

he is running from something as solid as fate.

Told that this is wrong, the words filled with hate,

he said the words ‘I know’ so they wouldn’t hear any of my restraint.

Will his family still love him till the day of his demise?

Or do they now sit on the throne of lies?

Is God now looking down on him in shame and disgust?

For he now is what society used to determine as an obscene lust.

Now when he dies will his sins determine his soul to sell,

will he now be sent to to the pits of hell.

He has no choice, no coming back from the abyss,

it is his amazing reputation he will now miss.

He trudges down the staircase and into the dining room,

he tells his parents to sit down not knowing what else to do.

Then he tells them what’s been going on,

in hope that this won’t be long.

His father begins to cry,

his mother is praying this is a lie.

And now all the boy wants to do is walk upstairs...and die.

By Jon Heinbaugh