TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 13

Never Give Up

One Day

You won't feel sad anymore,

You won't be alone or ever feel lonely,

Your smile will become real again,

The tears will only visit once in a blue moon,

The clouds won't exist in your world,

The skies will be blue instead of gray,

The world won't look so black anymore,

Your rosy cheeks will be sore from smiling so often,

Your laugh won't have to be forced,

The weight on your shoulders will be lifted,

Positivity will be your best friend,

Negativity will be put in the past,

The sun will be brighter as will you,

The word strong will be your nickname,

Music will be enjoyable again, not just an escape,

Confidence and motivation will enter your life again,

Your skin will become thicker and your mind will become wiser,

Whatever you go through now will one day have a reason,

One day, maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day, you will be happy again and peace will find its path just for you.

Mandi Wright