TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 12

One Soul

I’m just one soul.

Wandering alone

Through the fabric of space and time.

Searching once again for another

I’m scared, but determined,

To find someone.

Lost and trying so desperately

Not to fail this time.

I want

Things like affection, friendship, and love.

Things I might never have again,

I’ve lost so many

My wounds are deeper than scars

Woven into who I am

My soul is broken beyond repair.

I loved once, but now

Emotions seem pointless because

You can’t mend a damaged soul.

Caring is not an advantage.

In this messed up world,

In this judgemental society, where

No one is safe

I’m unloved, and unwanted.

I need you because

I’m just one soul.

Don’t leave me.

(Now read it from the bottom to the top)

Anna Stowers