TRACES SPRING 2016 - Page 11


Welcome to the life of a basic teen,

From the moment you walk into high school,

Sometimes she feels like she is never seen,

It takes a physical toll on her soul.

She will learn that friends will come and will go,

She learns that feelings should never be shown,

She sits and cries at the same damn photo,

She now knows that her one chance has been blown.

Sitting in a classroom staring at the walls,

Thinking about all the homework she has,

Since she stopped playing with her dolls,

She always worries about her dumb class.

Walking through the hallways feeling alone,

She just wishes to go back to her home.

By: Emily Milliron

By: Lexi Loughner

Standing there,


wishing not be seen.

but I see you,

locked away in the corner.

stuck in your fantasy world,

sick of facing reality.

I see you there,

even if you don’t see me.

all alone,

staring into space,

observing silently,

so no one shall take notice of you there

I don’t understand why,

you have to lock yourself away

like a caged animal-in the zoo.

I pretend like I can’t see you there.

come out of your shell

please break free

but alas,

wallflowers are meant to be seen,

yet not heard.

and wallflower,

I see you there,

even if you don’t want me to.