Trabajo Integrador 4º Año ilovepdf_merged - Page 85

Nstra. Sra. De la Merced 2018 Área: Ingles:      La profesora repartió los capítulos para cada grupo. Capítulos: Chapter 2 + Chapter 3 (St. Mary’s Abbey). Se leyó el cuento. Se crearon los diálogos. Se grabaron los audios. Summary: Chapter 2: Prince Jhon and the sheriff come up with a plan to catch Robin Hood, they send a man dressed as a villager to ask questions about him. When they find out who Robin is they make a plan to catch him at St. Mary´s Abbey. Chapter 3: Robin and Marian were about to marry when the sheriff came in and started a fight between them. 3 Mazzola, Fernandez, Romero y Gomez