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Galeano,Narduci,Briend,Rosende Materia: Informatica: • • Aprendimos a utilizar las funciones del programa de edición movie maker. Editamos las fotos para convertirla en un video • Usamos el cuento de Robin Hood para poder redactar los diálogos, para luego grabar los audios e incluirlos en el video. Ingles: Chapter: 14 & 15 Summary (Chapter 14). ❖ The Sheriff is going to have a contest for men with bows and arrows. The winner will get a gold arrow. The Sheriff want to catch Robin Hood. ❖ Robin Hood talks with Marian and Little John about the contest. ❖ Robin wins the contest and claims his golden arrow, the Sheriff wants to catch him and they start a fight. ❖ When they finished the fight, Little John gets hurt and everyone talks about his adventures. Summary (Chapter 15). ❖ Richard king will fight against Jerusalem, to replace him is the prince john. ❖ Richard returns to London and ask to village people by town how had been the government of his brother john. ❖ John when he learns that his brother is back decides to talk to the Sheriff, on the way he meets friar and tells him if he is not afraid to live alone in the forest and he tells him not because Robin Hood cares for him. ❖ John tells the Friar that the thought Richard was going to be dead, the Fair tell Robin that king Richard was back, Fraid turned out to be king Richard disguised NTICx: 5