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Spinelli Roncati Machuca Di Benedetto 4° Inglés : Desarrollo del guion y ayuda con los fondos y personajes. Summary In these two chapters the life and the beginning of the story is Explained, the beginning shows has Grandwell lost all most all of her family except for Johanna, his daughter Grandwell teaches how to fight. Johanna meets William Fitzbooth and slapes with him to the forest and many years later they have a baby and go back to live near her father again Narrador (Di Benedetto) : This is the history of Robin Hood an skillfull archer and the Shermwood forest was always his home he robbed the rich and gave it to the poor. Making him famous among the lower classes. The moust famous versión of this history is the one in with Ms.Marian, Sheriff Nottingham, The King Richard and Prince Jhon. Narrador (Roncati) : After the fight between Grandwell and Lord of Nottingham, Grandwell reunites with his daughter. Grandwell (Spinelli): You are the only son i have left. So i am going to teach you how to fight Johanna (Bianchini -ayudante-) : Ok father, I will listen tour advice. Narrador (Di Benedetto) : Johanna met a man called William Fitzhood anda he tells Grandwell dat he is in love with his daughter and Grandwell reject him. William Fitzooth (Machuca) : Johanna, lets scape to the forest to build our desired family Johanna (Bianchini -ayudante-) : Yes, I accept your proposal. Narrador (Di Benedetto) : After many year Johanna reuniteds with her father and Johanna shows him her son Robin Fitzooth later called Robin Hood. Grandwell (Spinelli) : I accept your family but please come live near me. Johanna (Bianchini -ayudante-) : Ok, but with one conditions, the forest will be Robin's second home, to teach him how to survive 3