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7 Difrieri Sol, Marotta Noelia, Ruiz Fabricio y Verdun Paula INGLES -Presentación del cuento y del capítulo que nos tocó (fondo, escena, etc). -Creamos el guion con el diálogo traduciéndolo para entenderlo. -Practicamos bien la pronunciación. -Grabamos los audios para el video. -biobliografia del libro RESUMEN DEL CAPITULO : CHAPTER: 16 Characters: Robin Hood, King Richard, Little John, Sheriff and his men, Friar Tuck Summary: Two years later, Robin meets Friar and he tells him a few words about the king. On the way home, Robin meets the Sheriff and his men, and tells him he has to go with him. Robin begins to fight with his sword trying to escape until the sheriff loses Robin. Robin falls, finds Little John and then helps him escape from the room. DIALOGO : Voz en off: After his visit to Sherwood Forest, King Richard went back to London. Robin and his men left the forest. Will Scarlet went to London with the King, but Little John stayed with Robin and Marian at Locksley House. One day, two years later, Robin visited his old friend, Friar Tuck. They talked for a long time about their adventures. Friar Tuck: I eat too well now, Robin, I am too fat and I cannot fight.People say that King Richard is ill. I hope that he will live for a long time. I hope that John will never be king. I wouldn’t like to sleep on a hard bed in the forest again! Voz en off: One the way home, Robin walked slowly and thought about Friar Tuck’s words. Then he heard the noise of horses feet on the road, and looked up. It was the sheriff. I have here a letter from the king. It says that you will come with me! Robin Fitzooth: From King Richard? Why does the king send you? Robin: He knows that we are not friends! Voz en off: The sheriff came nearer, but not too near. He was very afraid of Robin. Sherrif: ‘Not king Richard?’ ‘Richard is dead! I am talking about King John. Take hirn, men!’ 7