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Resumen Chapter 10 Lady Marian and Friar Tuck go to the forest and as they did not eat breakfast, Lady goes deeper into the forest to hunt. She can not hunt deer because they belong to the king, Robin appears and they begin to fight. After the fight they realize they know each other, they talk for a while and then Mary will comment to the Friar but when they look for them, they can not find him. Chapter 11 Robin and Marian go to the uncle’s house to tell him that the Friar did not show up and that they are going to look for him again. After a month Will, friend of Robin, tells that in Riverdale there is a man who for a couple of coins crosses people in his boat to the other side of the lake. It turns out that man was the Friar, and they return so that the Friar marries Robin and Lady Marian. Dialogos Chapter 10 Voice off: Very early next morning, Marian woke up Friar Tuck, the Friar Tuck his staff, Marian took her bow, and arrows then they left he house and waked on the great north rood trough the forest. After some hours, the friar suddenly left the road and sat down under a tree. Friar Tuck: Please let´s stop, we have no breakfast and I am very hungry (Marian laughed) Marian: You are right, we will eat now. I will take your staff and my arrow, and some animals. We can cook them here in the forest Voice off: She saw a deer very quietly, she took out an arrow. Robin Hood: Stop there, boy! (Said a man behid her) You cannot hunt deer, they belong to the king, and if you do not believe me, the sheriff has killed two men for hunting (robin said) Marian: I´m not afraid to fight with you or the sheriff (Marian said) Voice off: The man fights against Marian, last a few minutes, Marian manages to beat the man and that man shows up. Robin Hood: Hi, I am a Robin Hood, and you.?