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Alonso Liste, Caillava, Jauck y Ricci Voice off: Now, Will arrived. Will Scarlett: What happened? Did his man throw you in the water? He will have to fight with me now. Robin Hood: No! No! Let´s be friends. So what is your name? And what are you doing in my forest? Little John: Your forest? It is not your forest! I came here to find brave Robin Hood Robin Hood: Friend, you found Robin Hood and threw him in the water. Little John: WHAT! Are you really Robin Hood? I am very happy about that. My name is “Little” John and I want to be one of your men. Robin Hood: We will always call you “Little” John. Come to our forest home! Además realizamos el resumen (en inglés) de los dos capítulos que nos tocaron: CAPITULO 4 The Sheriff goes to the village to search the money of the villagers. When he was there, he found a dead King´s deer and its murderer: Much. The Sheriff and his men kill him in the forest. Much´s son speaks with Scarlett and he decides to be part of the Robin Hood´s men. CAPITULO 5 A new character, “Little” John fight with Robin Hood. Later they become friends. 7