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Alonso Liste, Caillava, Jauck y Ricci Voice off: Will Scarlett accepts and takes him into the forest with Robin. Chapter 5: ROBIN HOOD MEETS LITTLE JOHN Voice off: In the first weeks and months after the fight in abbey, Robin and his men worked very hard. They cut down young trees and built homes in the center of the forest. They made arrows from wood and caught forest deer for their food. They brought bread and milk from the villagers. Robin Hood: It is a beautiful day. I think I will go for a walk to the river. Will you come with me? Will Scarlett: I want to make some new arrows for my bow. But I will meet you at lunch time. Voice off: So Robin left Will and walked quickly thought the forest to the river. Robin Hood: The autumn colours are beautiful. Ah, this is a wonderful life! Little John: Well, little man! Are you going to stand there all day? Get out my way! Robin Hood: Now this will be interesting adventure. That man is very strong. Can I fight him – and win? I arrived here first, so you will have to wait. Little John: I will not wait! You are going to fight with me. Voice off: The man wasn´t very fast, but he was very strong. So Robin quickly thought of a plan. Robin y el pequeño John pelean Robin Hood: Look! The Sheriff man! Voice off: Robin kicked the man´s leg as hard as he could. The big man was very angry but he didn´t fall. He kicked Robin, and Robin fell into the water. Little John: I won the fight. Come, I will help you. Where are you? Are you all right? Robin Hood: Perhaps you won the fight but you did not catch me! 6