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Alonso Liste, Caillava, Jauck y Ricci Much: No! Kill me, but please, do not pull down my house! It´s my son´s home, too, and he did not hurt you. Oh, Robin Hood! Where are you now? Only you can help me. Sheriff: Wait! I think this man knows something! Old man, why are you looking into the forest? Do you thing that Robin Hood will help you? Do you know something about him? Tell me, and perhaps I will not kill you! Much: I can take you Robin Hood! I can take you to his home in the forest. It is this way! Follow me! Voice off: The Sheriff´s man took his hands away, and Much began to walk slowly in the forest. Then, suddenly, ran as fast as he could. Sheriff: Catch him! Voice off: Three arrows hit him, and Much fel to the ground. Sheriff: I said “Catch him”, not “Kill him”. Now the man is dead, he cannot tell us anything. Voice off: He and his men come back to the village. Sheriff: The next man with a deer will died too. Remember that. Voice off: Then a small man with a bow and arrows on his back walked quietly into the village. A man: It is Will Scarlett, Robin´s Hood man! Will Scarlett: Robin knows that the Sheriff was here. He sent me to help, but I am too late! Who was this man? Was he your father? Much´s son: Yes, he was my father. Now I have no family. Oh please, take me with you! I want to be Robin´s Hood man. I want to fight the Sheriff and Prince John, too. El hijo de Much y Will hablan Will Scarlett: You are very young. When you are older, perhaps… Much´s son: I am not young, I am fourteen. I learn quickly. I have nothing here. 5