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Alonso Liste, Caillava, Jauck y Ricci Inglés Leímos el libro Robin Hood. Realizamos el guion literario (parte fundamental para el proyecto) y lo practicamos para posteriormente, grabarlo. El guion será escrito a continuación: Chapter 4: THE KING´S DEER Voice off: After the fight in the abbey, the Sheriff of Nottingham asked Prince John for Robin Fitzooth´s lands. The Prince sold to him for a lot of money in gold. The greedy Sheriff, of course, wanted to get the money back again as fast as possible. So his poor villagers had to pay the sheriff more money than before. The villagers on Robin´s land also had to pay. Their new lord, the sheriff, was a very hard man. Sheriff: Listen well! You know that the deer in the forest are the king´s deer. The king and his lords can catch and kill them – you cannot. El Sheriff y Much en la aldea What is your name, old man? Much: I… I … I am Much, the forester. Sheriff: Well, Much the forester, you killed a king´s deer. How much are you going to pay me for it? Much: My lord, you know that I cannot give you anything. Sheriff: I am not interested in yours stories, old man. You cannot pay one money? Very well, then, you will have to pay with your life! Kill this robber and pull down his home. 4