Touchstone Volume 26 - Page 11

inclusion n of people with disabilities CPL’s Screech Arts is Queensland’s own fully accessible and inclusive creative arts and drama program that sets the stage for performers to enter the industry. Screech Arts builds self-confidence, self-expression, and social skills, while developing storytelling, improvisation, acting, leadership and teamwork skills. Martina Cross, CPL’s Screech Arts Coordinator, explained why inclusive arts form an important part of our culture and society in general. “ The arts are typically used as a metaphorical ‘mirror’ being held up on society. It’s about reality, raw emotions, stories, imaginations, and having your voice heard. ” “We’re about pulling back the mask to show what’s real and we have always strived to show our performers for their talents, not their disability. “We need to celebrate people for who they are, who they want to be, and how they want to be represented. “If the reason that we are hesitating is because we ‘haven’t done it before’, that’s when we need to stop and say ‘why?’”Martina explained. Screech Arts has set the stage for inclusive arts programs for over 10 years, offering drama, acting, dance, film, music, singing, production and more for people of all ages! To find out more, contact 1800 275 753 or visit now! Touchstone Winter 2017 11