TOUCH vol. 2 - Page 8

DOES SCAR MASSAGE WORK? continued The main idea is to manipulate the scar and surrounding tissue. After some gradual practice you may even be able to use some more intensive fascial stretch techniques that involve drawing the scar and skin in oblique directions, creating a gentle sensation of “pulling” on the scar. Such self-treatment should continue for weeks to months (and sometimes years) after the surgery, until the scar has completed the process of remodeling. Ultimately, the tissue that makes up your scar should feel almost exactly the same as the surrounding skin. After the scar has completed its healing cycle (sometimes up to 2 years), it should be as mobile as the rest of your skin, and not feel as though its “stuck to” or “pulling on” any other underlying or surrounding tissues. Of course, you should never progress beyond a point of pain, and massage should be stopped if ever the skin breaks or swelling results from self-treatment. Know that it’s not about the “quick results” here. While you may not notice immediate improvements, the best thing you can do is stick with it for the long-term. Take care of yourself! Drew.