TOUCH vol. 2 - Page 16

The ‘best’ time to have a massage can depend on a range of things, though if you ask us…we’d say ANY time is the best time for a massage! But if we’re attempting to look at this objectively, the best time to have a massage is influenced by your overall goals for a session, if you have other activities planned, if it’s the start or end of the week, whether or not you have a workout (or some physical activity planned) or for some of us if we have some kind of performance or event coming up. Your Thai Massage session really be aimed at any number of desired outcomes ranging from easing mental stress, to encouraging mobility in chronically stiff areas. In these situations and for most massage treatments in general, sessions are often done at a time when you have no strenuous activities planned for the remainder of the day. It’s not that you shouldn’t necessarily work-out after a treatment, it’s more that you probably won’t feel like doing a whole lot. That’s because a chief intention in our work is to choose Thai Yoga postures and techniques that bring about a profoundly deep sense of release. We aim to encourage your body and mind to completely relax. Though, on the other side of the coin, there are also times when Thai massage can be used to help prepare your body for physical activity. Depending on the techniques used it can help with mobility and the preparedness of your soft-tissues for your best possible performance.