TOUCH vol. 2 - Page 13

Pick and choose the stretches that you need most. can help to release lower back and hamstring tension. Whether you struggle with low back pain, poor shoulder posture, chronic neck tension (or all three!), you will find simple, doable, real-world solutions to your problem. All stretches have been tested and refined over years of helping clients to heal themselves. 2. SELF SOLEUS SERVICE! To get you started at home, we’ll give you 3 of these stretches now! 1. GOOD MORNING TOES & FEET! This delicious stretch involves simply being seated on your knees and alternating between having your toes curled under (towards your shins) and away. Both of these variations help to open up length in the plantar fascia and in the connective tissues of the ankle. Believe it or not, when practiced regularly this The space just below your calf can get pretty tight, and is often not given a lot of time, so approach this one slowly. Cross one foot over the back of the other leg and gently start to sit down. You can find multiple locations and slight shifts that change and enhance this move. 3. HAPPY CHEST & SHOULDERS! One my all-time favourites! Use a doorframe to help stretch out those chronically tight chest muscles. Use different angles for different sensations and to access different parts of your chest. It’s also relatively easy to include this one throughout your day – whenever passing through a doorway, pause for a moment to stretch out! These are just a few great ways to help prolong the benefits of a treatment and are just generally useful self-care tools. If you want more, Pamela’s e-book is available for $5 to round out your self-care routine. (link to e-book: http://