TOUCH vol. 2 - Page 12

SELF-MASSAGE TOOLS TO ASSIST BETWEEN TREATMENTS by Pamela Herrick, You have just received a really amazing Thai massage (or any massage for that matter) and you want that feeling to last, but how? What can you do to keep it going? To maintain your new-found flexibility and that vibrant energy flowing through your joints and sinews? HOW CAN YOU MAKE YOUR THAI MASSAGE LAST? 12 simple stretches, the ones I have been teaching my own Thai massage clients in nearly 15 years of therapeutic practice, that’s how. Here’s a checklist to see if they could work for you: □ Are they tricky? No. □ Do I need special equipment? Nope. □ Can I do some of them at the office? Yes! □ Are they really going to work? You bet. (But only if you do them!) All 12 stretches and Thai-inspired acupressure techniques are now available in a handy e-Book. View it on your devices, or print it out and hang the “cheat sheet” (thumbnails of all 12 stretches) on the fridge or above your desk at work. Organized by area of focus (starting with your feet), this 17page e-book gives you options.