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On Oct. 25, the grounds of Northview High School became host to the GJCL’s annual event, Fall Forum. More than 700 students from all regions of the state congregated to catch up with old friends and make new ones as they partook in the activities the day had to offer. Fall Forum began with a general assembly, in which the GJCLers welcomed their new state officers to the new JCL year. Then the students dispersed to the activities. Some students went to participate in the various workshops held at Fall Forum, such as Roman Coins, Mythology Improvisation, How the Greeks Saw Myths on Vases, and Vesuvius: A Reenactment.

Returning for the second year was the Gladiatorial Combat workshop, which had gained fame the previous year when former NJCL Second Vice President fought against former GJCL President Brendan Philips. Other students went on to participate in Certamen rounds and test taking. And for those seeking state office, a Host competition was held to find the newest members of the GJCL State board. Other activities included a scavenger hunt, in which sponsor teachers hid objects around the school’s campus, and Olympika, which consisted of Ludi Softball Throw, Ludi Frisbee Throw, and other track and field events. Overall it was a great way to start off the GJCL year and the officers and state chairs can’t wait to see everyone at state convention in April!

Vinu Eranezhath, Georgia JCL Editor

National News

Fall Planning Meeting Update

Every year, the NJCL Committee and Board convene at the following year’s convention site to tour the campus and finalize the convention schedule. This year, they met from Oct. 22-26 in San Antonio, Texas, to discuss next year’s convention at Trinity University. On the first day, the convention advisor, JCL administrator, several commitee members, the NJCL president, and the NJCL communications coordinator took a thorough tour of the campus. Then, they met to create a preliminary convention schedule, assigning buildings and locations for every event.

The next day, the full committee and NJCL board took a brief walking tour of Trinity Campus and spent the afternoon finalizing the schedule. Finally, on the third day, the committee and board met for a sit-down all-day meeting. Constitutional amendments were approved for the ballot at convention and amendments to the chapter handbook were made. The board also decided on spirit themes for convention and plans for publicity and service projects. On Oct. 26, everyone said their goodbyes and flew home, planning to meet in Nashville on April 19, 2015, for Spring Planning Meeting.

Convention Changes

– The Bazaar has been renamed to the Agora for obvious reasons.

– There will be no shoes allowed on the dance floor.

– Dancers are informed that That's Entertainment

auditions will be held on a carpeted floor.

– The format of Agon (Greek Certamen) will be changed to an informal trivia colloquium.

– On the first official day of convention, the officers will be running a scavenger hunt for JCLers to learn about the campus.

– Certamen orientation has been moved to be earlier than usual in the schedule.

– GAs and spirit will be in an amphitheater-like auditorium where jumping is allowed.

– The SCL will be running a colloquium teaching JCLers how to swing dance.

Amol Punjabi, NJCL Editor

Announcing the

National Programs and Activities Contest

Does your local chapter hold events that are fun, classical, but not service or publicity? Then the National Program and Activities Contest is for you. Any chapter in good standing can apply by submitting a slideshow presentation showcasing their project at the end of the year, Visit for more info.

Above: Georgia JCLers engage in mock gladiator fights at Fall Forum.

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