Torch:U.S. Volume LXIV Winter 2014-2015 - Page 2

Junior Classical League Directory

NJCL Officers 2014–2015

President Ruiqi He

(210) 325-4758 •

First Vice President Maya Nandakumar

(408) 693-9000 •

Second Vice President Narayan Sundararajan

(216) 386-7279 •

Communications Coordinator Aliyah Quereshi

(262) 347-1284 •

Parliamentarian Ashley Blazek

(701) 361-5833 •

Historian Sarah Christian

(225) 328-1577 •

Editor Amol Punjabi

(508) 919-6560 •

NSCL Officers 2014-2015

President Kurt Ristroph

(225) 955-4656 •

Vice President Trace Turner

(512) 799-7617 •

Secretary Erin Stangeland

(701) 306-8242 •

Treasurer Kathryn Szymanski

(219) 488-7794 •

Parliamentarian Tyler Heist

(859) 815-2345 •

Editor Natalie O'Dell

(615) 870-9100 •

Historian Maddie Briner

(513) 235-6671 •

National Committee 2014-2015

Chair, Contests, Creative Arts Amy Elifrits

6616 Fountains Blvd #9, West Chester, OH 45069

(513) 759-6907 •

Vice Chair, Contests, Graphic Arts Melissa Burgess

6800 Kugler Mill Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236

(513) 602-7606 •

Secretary, Communications Dobbie Vasquez

2112 Myrtle Place, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

(650) 888-2489 •

Contests, Academics Laura Long

615 Harper Road, Clarksville, TN 37043

(931) 358-4731 •

Contests, Olympika/SCL Tony Martin

7745 Ivydale Drive Apt B, Indianapolis, IN 46250

(317) 294-4714 •

Contests, Digital Tom Reed

335 Samantha Drive, Sterling, VA 20164

(571) 436-1182 •

Public Relations/Membership Catherine Sturgill

630 NE 10th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601

(352) 316-3803

Contests, Certamen William Lee

17926 Cielo Court, San Antonio, TX 78257

(210) 367-0208 •

Convention Advisor Sue Robertson

12211 Diamond Hill Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113

(804) 794-9528 •

Programs/Scholastic Services Sherry Jankowski

746705 Westover Terrace, Sterling, VA 20165

(702) 622-5272 •

Constitutional Advisor Dennis Webb

7632 Tampa Way Shreveport, LA 71105

(318) 617-7778 •

Publications Caitlin Johnston

7022 Bonaventure Drive, Tampa, FL 33607

(219) 743-1061 •

Administrator/Ex-Officio Sherwin Little

860 NW Washington Boulevard, Suite A Hamilton, OH 45013

(513) 529-7741 • fax (513) 529-7742 •

Torch:U.S. Policy

The Torch:U.S. is published four times yearly as the official magazine of the National Junior Classical League. Issues are published in fall, winter, spring, and summer. It is entered as third-class material from the Oxford, Ohio, Post Office. The ideas expressed in the Opinion section are the comments of the Torch:U.S. and its staff and should not necessarily be considered the policy of the National Junior Classical League, its officers, or the National Committee. Readers are encouraged to express their opinions on any subject relevant to the classics or JCL in the Vo(i)ces Section. Your name and address or title must be included with your submission. All names will be published. Submissions may be sent to the editor or the advisor (see addresses to the


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Caitlin Johnston, Amol Punjabi, Narayan Sundararajan, Sarah Christian, Tiffany Xu, Veena Lagare, Linda Qin, Sydney Smith, Drew Alvarez, Mr. Larry Dean

Torch:U.S. Staff


Amol Punjabi


Caitlin Johnston

Tell the World We're Coming Home

Back in 1954, NJCL had its first convention at Incarnate Word High School, an all-girls private school in San Antonio, Texas. Coordinated by Mildred Sterling, the Texas state chair, it was held over three days in the peak of June. Around 500 delegates showed up, hailing from 18 of our 50 states.

Next year, NJCL convention will be five days at the end of July. We're expecting upwards of 1000 delegates from (fingers crossed) 40 or more states. But one thing hasn't changed: once again, we'll be meeting in San Antonio, the place where it all began. So, as NJCL prepares for its 62nd on familiar turf, we've asked our officers what their ideal homes would be like. Turn to page eight to find out more.

Vox audita perit...

Today, you can enter a museum gallery and be amazed by Greek pottery. You can open up a Latin textbook and marvel at Catullus' poetry. You can reenact Sophocles and experience Greek drama. You can even go to your kitchen and craft Roman cuisine straight out of Apicius' cookbook. But what art form are we missing: music. Because the heard voice perishes, we have little evidence of ancient music. Turn to page 12 to learn about how we can recreate it.