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state board would again like to give everyone who made Fall Forum such a success a giant thumbs-up and a most heartfelt “Eugepae!”

Beh Carter, Louisiana JCL 2nd VP

KY JCL Service Announcement

Salvete, My name is Libby Califf and I am the proud Kentucky Junior Classical League Second Vice President. I am also proud to be from my hometown; Lawrenceburg, Ind. It was here that I grew up. It is also where I met Lauren Hill, seven years ago, on a soccer field. She was kind, quiet, and a great teammate to have. While I will always being grateful to Lauren for what she taught me about being a team, its the lessons she has taught me about living that I will truly remember.

Lauren Hill was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma last November. It is an inoperable form of brain cancer that will end Lauren’s life in the next few months. When diagnosed, she had only one question, “Can I still play basketball?” Since diagnosis, Lauren has played and scored in her first college basketball game for the Mount St. Joe’s Women’s basketball team. She has attended every practice she can, even though her strong side has been weakened and she can hardly do the drills anymore. Though her body is riddled with pain, she still puts her team first. But what I find to be the most amazing thing about Lauren is her strength.

In an interview with Glenn Beck, Lauren Hill said she told God she would use her remaining time to “speak for the little kids that couldn't speak.” And she has. She has started a layup challenge that is hitting the web with #layup4lauren. She has also been honored at sporting events throughout Cincinnati. She has done all this in the efforts of raising awareness for pediatric brain cancer. Lauren could be home resting, but thats not what is happening. She is getting her message spread

all over the world. Awareness for pediatric brain cancer has spread with Lay Up For Lauren (it’s being done in America,Finland, Australia, and Japan!!) She is speaking for the kids that can’t.

As members of the Junior Classical League, we take service seriously.At fall forum, during our service project, Kentucky delegates signed a huge card for Lauren letting her know we support her. I strongly encourage you to start a Lay Up For Lauren Challenge and to challenge others (think ALS Ice Bucket Challenge). If you are challenged at the sport of basketball, as I am, you can raise money for The Cure Starts Now Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness to end pediatric brain cancer. It is through The Cure Starts Now Foundation that Lauren has raised so much awareness and funds. Lauren has taught me to be a voice for the voiceless, to never give up. I hope that this inspires you to do a service project that incorporates The Cure Starts Now Foundation. I hope you learn that as a member of the Junior Classical League you have a voice. Let it be heard. Valete!

Libby Califf, Kentucky JCL 2nd VP

Below: Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, LA Bowls for Hope to raise money for Boys/Girls Hope.

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