Torch:U.S. Volume LXIV Winter 2014-2015 - Page 11

Describe your ideal home.

The perfect man cave where a TV, laptop, smart phone, etc. are a foot away. Plenty of windows let in light, but I can't be disturbed with my sunglasses on. Finally, anything I say in Latin comes true when I wave my magic wand...or baton.

What are you wearing?

A blue snuggie tightly wrapped around my feet. Apparently, it makes me look like a monk.

What drink are you sipping?

Dunkin' caramel latte.

What piece of Greek or Roman art would

be the centerpiece of your showcase?

The mosaic of Virgil flanked by two Muses as he writes the Aeneid. Perhaps the Muses will jump out of the picture and inspire me to be just as amazing as Virgil.

On which island in the ancient

Mediterranean would you make your


Crete in the grand palace of Knossos.

Amol Punjabi


But no home can compare to the Trinity dorms...

...especially when they're used

for NJCL convention!


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