Torch:U.S. LXVII Summer 2018 - Page 5

STATE SPOTLIGHT · Torch:U.S. · Summer 2018


State Spotlight: Louisiana

What are some unique JCL traditions your state has?

Maryn: My favorite LJCL tradition is the call and response cheer "Hey, Louisiana!" Anytime, anywhere, if you say that phrase, you are sure to receive a reply of "Hey, what?" and the full attention of the Louisiana delegation.

Describe a fun JCL service project in your state.

Maryn: At Fall Forum, LJCL holds a can drive that serves as a competition as to who leads Procession at State Convention.

Share some unique publicity ideas you have seen in your state that other states can try.

Maryn: Though other states probably do this, I love our extremely wacky publicity posters, such as those including "My mom loves Latin", "Jesus took Latin", and "Your 13th labor: TAKE LATIN!"

Maryn Matthews, LJCL Second Vice President, shares a few of her favorite things about Louisiana JCL, and LJCL Parliamentarian Faith Woods sits down for a podcast interview.

Above: LJCL delegation marches into the Spirit Competition at the 2017 national convention. Photo: Arrington Holmes.