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VOICES · Torch:U.S. · Fall 2017


In addition, the elections on the whole ran smoothly, albeit with some unexpected happenings along the way.

I would like to thank all of my fellow officers for helping me out this convention and just this year in general, but even more so for being incredible friends. Love you all, and keep in touch.

I'd also like to thank the National Committee for being incredibly fun to work with throughout the year and for answering any question I ever had. Finally, I would like to give a special thank you to my mentor, Mr. Webb. Throughout the year, you have worked patiently with me and answered all of my questions and made sure I didn't mess things up, especially at convention when I was running all of those meetings. Once again, thank you JCL, and keep being the best organization on the planet.

Ave atque vale,

Ram Gollapudy

2016-2017 NJCL Parliamentarian

P.S. thanks for also making me a meme at the last dance. It's safe to say that that night, I peaked.

Right: Ram

Speaking at

General Assembly.

Photo: Ryan Vinson.

The Eternal Flame

Salvete omnes (for the last time)!

Serving on the board this year has been an incredible honor. It was truly an eye-opening experience. Not only did I get to see how much work goes into national convention every year, but I also got to see how dedicated people from around the country help make the NJCL what it is. I’ve learned a lot from my year on the board and leave my term with a newfound appreciation of the JCL. But of course, all good things must come to an end.

As I leave the JCL behind and move on in my life, I’m content in knowing that the spirit of the JCL will always live on in my heart. I will carry this eternal flame with me for the rest of my life. Looking back, I will always remember the lessons I’ve learned, the amazing people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve gained.

Thank you all again for an amazing year!

E Corde,

Eric Wang

2016-2017 NJCL Historian

Right: Eric at the final General

Assembly. Photo: Ryan VInson.

Opt for Adventure

What a long strange trip it has been! I thoroughly enjoyed my time serving as the editor. Ever since my first convention, I wanted to be a national officer, and you all made that possible. I want to thank everyone who came along with on this adventure and who helped me grow in the past year. I look at pictures from when I was first elected, and now the JCL has helped me grow up from the first time I heard about in the seventh grade until now and hopefully forever. If you are thinking about running for office, having been on both the winning and the losing side, go for it. Seriously, everyone will tell you that, but always take the risk because real adventure starts when everything goes wrong, and adventures are fun.

Go have some fun,

Angela Kubicke

2016-2017 NJCL Editor

Right: Angela at the

final General Assembly.

Photo: Ryan Vinson.