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A Difficult Goodbye

It’s difficult saying goodbye to an organization that has made such a great influence on my life, but it’s comforting to have been a part of an organization that is so difficult to say goodbye to. I extend my sincerest gratitude to my fellow officers, to the committee members, to the Virginia delegation, to the entire Flint Hill School Classics Department throughout my seven years of Classical studies, and to all the passionate people who make the Junior Classical League so life-changing—that means you. Each of you, whether you’re conscious of it or not, both contribute a part of yourselves to the JCL experience and take a part of the JCL experience with you wherever life may take you. I, for one, can attest to that, so give it your all and take advantage of every opportunity you can. You will not regret it.

Ave atque valete. Ab imo pectore, maximas gratias vobis ago,

Trini Kechkian

2016-2017 NJCL Second Vice President

Right: Trini at

General Assembly 1.

Photo: Caitlin


Four Years of JCLove

After a long haul to Atlanta, Montgomery, and then finally Troy, I was so happy to return to such a beautiful and warm campus (literally— as you all know— it was very hot and humid). In my first moments of convention, I knew it would be quite the week.

After my fourth and final convention as a JCLer, I can positively say that no other convention has affected me more. This year was the most involved for me not only because I was an officer, but since it was a great confirmation and reminder of all the people I've met over the years. Everyone has always talked about JCLove, but you don't really know it unless you've experienced it. Almost everywhere I turned, whether I was getting lunch or walking in the quad, there was a familiar face—maybe not my best friend or even someone whose name I know; perhaps it was just someone who tried to sell me buttons three years ago. Something that simple brought out a level of familiarity within the JCL that warmed me beyond what I'd ever imagine. Further, even, are the more explicit friendships—those whose names I do know and have spent hours at 3am Facetiming with. I've met some of my favorite people ever through JCL, and I will always be grateful.

I really want to thank all of you for such a wonderful time, and I hope you all can work toward maintaining a positive & friendly environment within the JCL.

"I urge you, as much as I am able, to put friendship before all human issues."

The 2018 theme has never been more fitting. Focus foremost on those who respect and love you—everyone and everything else is secondary. Best of luck with everything, and I hope you all have a wonderful year.

E corde,

Shay Pezzulo

2016-2017 NJCL Communications Coordinator

Right: Shay

gives her

farewell speech.

Photo: Ryan Vinson.

An Unbelievable Year

Salvete omnes! I can't believe that not only my term, but my life as a JCLer is over. I can't thank this organization and all of you, the JCLers, enough for defining my high school experience. This year has been interesting for me as parliamentarian. I submitted two amendments to the bylaws, both of which passed.