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A Snazzy Sendoff

Dearest JCL,

First off, what a convention! I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did. Watching all of our work this year come to fruition was a joy for your 2016-2017 officers. Nationals was better than we ever could’ve imagined or planned, however, because of the wonderful group of delegates, sponsors, and chaperones that came and made the JCL experience their own. Thank you for making this convention the lively, snazzy, jam-packed, wonderfully unpredictable, and dance-filled week that it was.

That being said, I still cannot believe that nationals has come and gone, and my time as your president is now over. Serving on the officer board was truly one of the most memorable, exciting, and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Throughout the year, I had the privilege of working with an unbelievably dedicated group of officers and National Committee members. The lessons and wisdom I was gifted throughout my term will stick with me for years to come. I cannot thank the JCL enough for this opportunity and for showering me with an endless amount of JCLove.

JCL is truly an organization unlike any other in its support for its members, and I have no doubt that under the wonderful new board, you will continue to change the lives of JCLers across the country. You certainly changed mine. Thank you for everything, JCL, and stay snazzy!

E corde,

Lyle Seeligson

2016-2017 NJCL President

Right: Lyle

at General

Assembly I.

Photo: Ryan


Thank You All

Thank you all so much for your hard work this year! From National Classics Week to the Promotional Video Contest, seeing all that you did to get involved and share your passion truly amazed me.

The most rewarding part of this year was seeing the growth within chapters and states. After 7 years of decreasing membership, due to all of our hard work and dedication, we had an increase in membership, and I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you!

It’s hard to say goodbye to an organization that holds such a large part of my heart, but I know this goodbye is not forever.

Gratias vobis ago,

Emmalee Volk

2016-2017 NJCL 1st Vice President



speaking at

the General

Assembly I.

Photo: Ryan