Torch:U.S. LXVII Fall 2017 - Page 20

The contest chairsMelissa Burgess (Graphic Arts), David Jackson (Academics), Seth Knowles (Creative Arts), William Lee (Certamen), and Kyle McGimsey (Olympika) would like to thank all of the judges, workers, and chairs of the individual contests at convention this year. This convention would not run as well as it does without your help. We especially appreciate those people who stepped up and put in extra time when the need arose.

Seth Knowles would especially like to thank Amy Elifrits (OH) for her support and guidance, and the chairs of each contest (Laura, Amy, Karyn, Kim, Lisa, Kathy, Brian, Meg, Katie, Rachel, and Ron) for working so well with limited materials!

William Lee gives many thanks as always to Certamen’s unbelievably dedicated and knowledgeable staff who spent long hours before and during the convention composing and editing the questions, setting up rooms, keeping scores, etc. Special recognition goes to Tom Reed (VA) and Andrew Rist (TX) for the hours they have put in before convention to compile questions. Also, a big "thank you" goes to Susan Schearer (VA) for proofing the questions. Finally, another big "thank you" goes to all the question writers for writing fair and thought-provoking questions.

David Jackson would like to thank Shannon Sloan (TN) and Ryan Vinson (TN) who ran the floor and podium for testing. He would also like to thank the contest office staff: Ed Long (TN), Laura Long (TN), Jim O’Neill (MA), Randy Fields (GA), and Liz Bouis (GA) for all of the laborious, behind-the-scenes work that they did to make convention a success.

A Thank You from the Contest Chairs


Fall 2017 · Torch:U.S. · GRATIAS

Top: Sponsors judge Graphic Arts. Photo: Becki Bush.

Middle: Creative Arts Chair Seth Knowles. Photo: Ryan Vinson.

Bottom: Olympika Chair Kyle McGimsey at Ludi Basketball. Photo: Martina Bright.