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What is better than a morning run? On Tuesday, JCLers from every dorm spirited to the track to compete in track and field Olympika events. Also held that morning were Ludi Chess and English Oratory. Colloquia sessions continued, educating curious minds about various classical topics. The aspiring young writers among us competed in the essay contest in hopes of winning first in their age division. Following the competitions, JCLers jogged to General Assembly in the Trojan Arena, and all states who were eligible gave roll call. After General Assembly the Lebrons and Currys headed to Ludi Basketball for some nail-biting competition.

Simultaneously, Nominations Committee was underway,

where 2016-2017 NJCL parliamentarian Ram Gollapudy (WI) executed the proper precise procedures for nominating candidates, and campaigning began. Later

that day, real drama hit

the campus ... dramatic interpretation, that is, with JCLers giving their all to recreate the tragedies of Rome. Across the campus green, the second round of certamen began: certaminators buzzed in with fury. Also at this time, JCLers had a chance to get acquainted with the 2016-2017 national officers at the meet and greet. Appearing at convention this year—catching on to the current trend—were escape rooms – enter if you dare! To finish the evening, JCLers once more cut a rug and skipped back

to state fellowship.

JCLers kicked off Wednesday with the Marathon. After that warmup to their day, delegates made art quickly and on the spot during Impromptu Art. Many artists transformed from high schoolers into gods and goddesses for the costume contest. A healthy dose of morning testing is also recommended by the JCL, and contest session three was held directly after the marathon. At this time, delegates had the chance to expand their JCL network by going and meeting the candidates for office. Then came the General Assembly where we heard candidates’ speeches and viewed the Photo of the Month winners from the past year. On Wednesday night, Ludi frisbee, Ludi chess, and of course the dance occured. After all of this excitement, JCLers scurried home to state fellowship.

As the Thursday sun rose, many JCLers were already out and about participating in Ludi soccer and testing in Contest Session Four. On this morning, the hotly-contested Ludi Chess finals were played as well as the certamen semifinals. Candidates' Open Forum gave everyone a last chance to hear from the candidates before the voting fellowship. With all states having voted, General Assembly proceeded, and it was announced that the positions of the historian and president had moved to an application phase. After a long dinner, every JCLer on campus made the pilgrimage to That's Entertainment. After an amazing, knock-your-socks-off show, all JCLers swayed home to state fellowship.


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