Torch:U.S. LXVII Fall 2017 - Page 17

CONVENTION RECAP · Torch:U.S. · Fall 2017


Recently, as I visited our nation’s capital, I saw grand buildings that transported me back to ancient times. Although I was impressed by these majestic monuments, not even they could compare to the grandeur of NJCL convention, when we gather each year to celebrate the classics, and this year was no different.

JCLers from all over the nation journeyed to Troy, Alabama—some by plane, others by bus—for the national convention. The arrivals began on Sunday, with teachers and students checking in, unpacking, and trying their best not to get lost on campus. They started off the action-packed week with some board games in the Trojan Center, followed by some lyrical interactive karaoke. After a fun-filled evening, the delegates went off to bed to rest in anticipation of a busy week.

Normally, Monday is universally everyone’s least favorite day, but this was convention Monday, marking the official beginning of our week in Troy. On this morning, artists submitted masterpieces of all kinds at Graphic Arts registration to await judging, and campus tours were given. That afternoon, the first General Assembly began, opening with 2016-2017 president Lyle Seeligson (NH) harkening back to her first national convention and acknowledging Dr. Peter Howard, a professor at Troy University and former American Classical League president.

Following the General Assembly, delegates from each state attended the Spirit and Service seminar hosted by Trini Kechkian, (VA) 2016-2016 NJCL Second Vice President. Kechkian explained the rules for the spirit competition and announced the service project, “More Than A Backpack” from the Kids to Love Foundation. This program provides children in need with backpacks stuffed with school supplies. Also after General Assembly, the NJCL officers held the annual convention scavenger hunt, which Team Thrive won in record time. Later that night, a screening of High School Musical allowed JCLers to showcase their musical talent with a sing-along version of the movie. That evening, the NJCL officers held the first ever “First Time JCLer Meeting,” at which the officers reviewed basic JCL slang with newcomers to convention. Many others took part in Contest Session One to put their knowledge of the ancients to the test or gave dazzling performances at Latin Oratory. The evening rounded out with the first round of competitive certamen and a festive first dance of the week. After capping the night at state fellowship, the JCLers went straight to bed in preparation for an early start the next day.

Top: passing the (burning!) torch from Alabama to Ohio. Photo: Kevin Rutherford.

Top middle: Ultimate Frisbee fun. Photo: Martina Bright.

Lower middle: Olympika swimming. Photo: Kevin Rutherford.

Bottom: Texas delegates enter the Costume Contest. Photo: Tashi Treadway.