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NJCL OFFICER LETTERS · Torch:U.S. · Fall 2017


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As treasurer, I organized the selling of state merchandise at Nationals Agora. At this past state convention, I was elected President of the WJCL .

As President, I will work with 1st VP Tim Han and Communications Coordinator Lynn Ahrens to build a first-time JCL buddy program. I will also work with 2nd VP Collin Kane to include a mini promotional video contest within State of the Season to increase membership. Finally, In the campaign corner that Parliamentarian Sarah Lee is creating, I would like to add a section with various National officer testimonials, offering tips and tricks on what makes a successful officer. I look forward to meeting more of you as the year goes by. If you have questions, please email me at


Mark Bechthold

NJCL President 2017-2018


My name is Ana Ohnersorgen and I am so excited to be your new NJCL Historian! As I was unable to attend Nationals this year, I did not expect to be able to run for a national office; luckily, the state of emergency was brought to my attention and I jumped at the opportunity. So rest assured, my late addition to the board in no way signifies a lack of excitement, and I will be completely dedicated to my position.

I am a senior at Sage Ridge School in Reno, Nevada. Outside of the JCL, I am the returning captain of the girl’s soccer team, I debate, and I act. Latin began to win me over as early as the sixth grade, and when my time came to declare a language, I chose Latin- due to a wonderful teacher and the excitement of joining my school’s JCL chapter. That excitement for joining JCL has never dimmed. My first JCL experience absolutely amazed me, and I was instantly hooked.

I am entering my sixth year as a proud member of the JCL. I have attended 3 regionals, 8 states, and 1 nationals- enjoying each one more than the last. I have been in the JCL club at my school since seventh grade, and I have held positions on our club’s board, including President and Historian.

I was elected as Nevada’s State Historian, and I happily served in that position from 2015-2017. This past year, I was elected to the board as one of three triumvir.

As National Historian, I most look forward to being able to see JCL through all of your eyes and spreading excitement for the JCL across the country! Please email me at with any questions or concerns.


Ana Ohnersorgen

NJCL Historian 2017-2018