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Fall 2017 · Torch:U.S. · SILVER BOWLS

Dear fellow JCLers,

My name is Mark Bechthold, and, following a bizarre set of circumstances, I am fortunate enough to be your next NJCL President. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to meet many of you at National Convention, so I am hoping that, through this letter, I can introduce myself.

I fell in love with the JCL when I stepped into my first state convention and watched six hundred kids blow their lungs out for Latin during spirit. Since seventh grade I have taken Latin and was enchanted by the elegance of the language, but I would have never imagined that there was an entire national community that shared my love. From that moment at my first state convention, I knew I was going to make some extraordinary memories. Since then I have

attended three state conventions and three

national conventions, enjoying every sleep-deprived moment!

After my Freshman year, I became our school’s Latin Club Parliamentarian, drafting our club’s first constitution. That year at state, I was elected WJCL Treasurer.

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Letters from Newly-Appointed NJCL Officers

Silver Bowl & Silver Tray Recipients

Congratulations to:

The Silver Bowl recipients Jeremy Walker (IN) and Laurie Covington (VA) for attending 20 conventions.

And to Silver Tray recipient Sue Robertson (VA) for attending 40 conventions.