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Lifeguards, Timers, and Spotters

By: Angela Kubicke, NJCL editor 2016-17

The Senior Classical League is like the timers, spotters, and lifeguards at the Olympics: you never really see them, but you don’t know what you would do without them. They help us, the JCLers, to become the Michael Phelps and Katie Ledeckies we all are. Whether we are performing in That’s Entertainment, taking Ludi or Olympika way too seriously, or reading the Convention Ear, they here to catch the JCLers when they fall or when they are beating their own world records.

Without all the support the from SCL, the JCL would be like Olympic rock climbing: nonexistent.

In That’s Entertainment, they ensure that we enjoy top level comedy and flawless acts on that Thursday night. On the field in Ludi and Olympika, they ensure that times are accurate as possible and that there is no dabbing on the field, for that is unsportsmanlike. Without the SCL, the JCL would drown, lose track of time, and fall.

The newly elected leaders of the Senior Classical League are president: Bob McDonald; vice president: Elliot Rebello; secretary: Jack Godar; treasurer: Heather Smith; parliamentarian: Ake Kankirawatana; historian Sidney Higa, editor: Trance Turner.

Cheerful Sclers reenacting the television show: Parks and Receration Photo: Martina Bright