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Fall 2016 · Torch:U.S. · NATIONAL NEWS


Inspired by the turmoil of the 2016 presidential election, we decided to hold civil and fair elections in the both the JCL and the SCL.

In the JCL’s pursuit to elect the best board possible, they had 13 pre-filed candidates. There were no prefiled candidates for the position of historian and only one for editor and parliamentarian. Therefore, those position were open to floor nominations. The position of historian received two floor nomination: Eric Wang (GA) and Harshita Kalidindi (MN). There were no floor nominations for the position of editor, making Angela Kubicke (VT) the only candidate. There were also no floor nominations for parliamentarian, and, as result, Ram Gollapudy (WI) was the only candidate for that office.

For the position of president, the candidates were Andrew String (NJ) and Lyle Seeligson (NH); the candidates for first vice vice president were Emmalee Volk (ND) and Olivia Agosta (OK); the candidates for second vice president were Trini Kechkian (VA) and Sara Zandvakili (OH); the candidates for communications coordinator were Victoria Ge (FL) and Shay Pezzlo (CT).

Before what was sure to be a hotly contested JCL election, there was a lot campaigning which started directly after nominations committee. There were posters plastering the walls and pins being worn on blue pouches. After a day of the campaign material being put up, the JCLers had to opportunity to ask the candidates questions at open forum. These questions ranged from “What is your favorite part of the NJCL constitution?” to “What is your favorite pokemon?” The candidates were grilled, and after an hour of hard questioning, all JCLers headed to voting fellowship.

The results, announced in the general assembly, are as follows: president: Lyle Seelignson (NH), first vice president: Emmalee Volk (ND), second vice president: Trini Kechkian (VA), communications coordinator: Shay Pezzlo (CT), parliamentarian: Ram Gollapudy (WI), historian: Eric Wang (GA), and editor: Angela Kubicke (VT).

New Board

By: Angela Kubicke, NJCL Editor 2016-17 Photo by: Caitlin Johnston