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NATIONAL NEWS · Torch:U.S. · Fall 2016

The Committee on the National Junior and Senior Classical Leagues is a committee of the American Classical League which is responsible for NJCL and NSCL. It is commonly referred to as the National Committee and it consists of twelve adult members. In June the ACL changed the length of a term on the National Committee from five years to four years. Those members who were originally elected to a five year term will fulfill the original five year term. Members may be elected to a maximum of two consecutive terms. After two terms they must remain off the Committee for at least three years.

This year five of the twelve positions were open for election. Sherry Jankowski of Virginia was elected to a second term as Chair of Programs and Scholastic Services. Dennis Webb of Louisiana was elected to a second term as Constitutional Advisor. Seth Knowles of Maine was elected Creative Arts Chair. He replaced Amy Elifrits, of Ohio, who completed her second term. During her ten years on the Committee Ms. Elifrits served as the Chair of the Committee for the past six years. Kyle McGimsey of Florida was elected Olympika Chair and SCL Advisor. He replaced Tony Martin of Indiana, who completed his second term. Generosa Sangco-Jackson of Florida was elected Digital Contests Chair. Ms. Sangco-Jackson replaced Tom Reed of Virginia, who also completed his second term.

The Committee officers this year are Catherine Sturgill of Florida as Chair, David Jackson of Florida as Vice Chair, and Dobbie Vasquez of California as Secretary.

Three proposed amendments to the NJCL Bylaws were all approved at the NJCL Convention. The first amendment removed a subscription to the TORCH: U.S. as a benefit of membership. This was because the TORCH: U.S. is now free in an electronic version rather than being available in a printed edition. The second amendment added the requirement that a proposed bylaw amendment must receive approval from the NJCL Executive Board before being presented at a General Assembly at the NJCL Convention. The third amendment specified attending the NJCL Convention and all related planning meetings is a duty common to all NJCL officers, unless they are excused by the National Committee.

New Committee Members

By Dennis Webb

Newly elected committee members. Left to right: Kyle McGimsey (FL), Seth Knowles (ME), and Generosa Sangco-Jackson (Fl) Photo:Caitlin Johnston

Amendments to the Constitution

By Dennis Webb

Voting Delegates Photo: Eric Wang