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2016-2017 Torch:U.S. Guidelines Published

guiding us, officers, throughout the year, and making possible yet another superb convention. Thank you, Mr. Webb, for always being available to offer help and advice. It was truly wonderful working with you this year. To my fellow officers, thank you for such an amazing, year full of your jokes, potatoes, advice, help, and goldfish. Thank you to the JCL’ers at convention who reminded me of the enthusiasm, kindness, and nerdiness that makes this organization unique. I am grateful and honored to have served as your national parliamentarian this year. Though my time is over, I am excited to see what future generations of the JCL accomplish.


Amanda Hansen

2015-2016 NJCL Parliamentarian

Missing Piece

Throughout my term, a

single thought hovered

over me as I periodically

sat down to complete my

duties as NJCL Historian.

Because this year was my

final year as a JCLer, I

wanted every moment to

count. I imagined that the world beyond the JCL was a scary place… perhaps new friendships wouldn’t form quite as easily! Perhaps I wouldn’t feel quite so much joy for my future hobbies or extracurriculars! What it boiled down to, I decided, was that the JCL was going to leave me with a missing piece...something that couldn’t be recreated or imitated.

Luckily, the events of this year’s convention happily surprised me. Whether it was watching my delegation valiantly rally behind me (and Tullus Dean’s beard) in coin wars, or listening to friends say heartfelt goodbyes, I felt myself always smiling. You, my friends, the lovely members of the Junior Classical League, proved to me that my “missing piece” will never truly go “missing”. That piece of my heart may twinge a little when I’m missing convention, or when I want to be closer to my friends who are miles and miles away. But rather than bring me pain, that piece of my heart is just a reminder of all the things I have to come back to. If you’re leaving the JCL and venturing off into the “real” world, keep that little shadow of a “missing piece” inside your heart. Something tells me that with my “missing piece”, I’ll always know when to come back to the organization and the people I love.

Hannah Barrett

2015-2016 NJCL Historian

An Epilogue

My final chapter as a JCLer and

NJCL editor has come to a close, but

allow me to write an epilogue. I never

thought that the JCL would become

such a big part of my life when I made

the choice four years ago to switch to

Latin. This year's national convention

was fantastic, working with my fellow

officers and seeing everyone so excited for the JCL.

Before I sign off, I want to thank my mentor, Caitlin Johnston for everything this year. Thanks also go to my friends and family who have helped me reach this point, and to the board for all the help this year. Thank you to everyone who has read an issue of the Torch:U.S. Good luck to everyone for this next year, especially Angela and all editors with your publications. I can't wait to see what more the JCL will show!

Woojin Lee

2015-2016 NJCL Editor

Photo Credit: Eric Wang

Photo Credit: Dennis Webb